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Facebook Updates (19/3/19)

March 19, 2019

1. No more relevance scores! As of April 30, this metric will be scrapped in favour of Facebook is calling “more granular” metrics. In plain English, this basically means advertisers will be offered more specific insights into how their ads are resonating with their audience, and be given hints on where they should be focusing or improving their efforts. ⁣

2. Two new features for Facebook Stories are being tested: a Story Archive similar to Insagram’s archive option, and the ability for Pages to allow their Stories to be shared by users. The latter means Pages will be able to extend the organic reach of their content outside of posts. Neat! Facebook has also announced they’re going to increase their investment in Stories, so if you’re not using them yet, now’s the time to start!⁣

3. Facebook Games is getting a new home! Like Stories, Facebook is increasing its investment in its gaming content, and is currently rolling out a new Facebook Gaming tab in its main navigation bar. Considering more than 700 million people interact with Facebook Games each month (!!!), it’s definitely worth ensuring you make the most of the Audience Network ad placement.⁣

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