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Facebook Updates (5/3/19)

March 5, 2019

#1: Business folder is live! As of last week, messages from Facebook Pages will now go into a separate folder in Messenger.⁣

#2: Ad budget is now moving from the ad set level to the campaign level. The main aim of this update is to help you spend your budget more efficiently, but it’s also a massive time-saver as Facebook will now automatically distribute your budget to your top-performing ad sets rather than you having to constantly monitor and update them yourself. This update will be rolling out very gradually and won’t be in full effect until September 2019, but make sure to keep an eye out for it!⁣

#3. Glitchy Ads Manager no more! The past couple of weeks have seen gremlins wreak a bit of havoc in some people’s campaigns (most likely due to Facebook trialling a new dashboard), but it appears they’ve all been resolved now. As ever, double-check all your ads to make sure nothing’s amiss!⁣

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