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Facebook updates (20/5/19)

May 20, 2019

1. Improved quality of News Feed posts. ⁣

Facebook’s updated algorithm recognises which friends you interact with the most, through check-ins, tagged photos and more, to show their posts first. It will also prioritise content related to your interests, based on previous engagement. This hopes to limit the frequency of click-bait posts on users’ News Feeds.⁣

2. Increased video engagement

Facebook’s video ranking algorithm will prioritise content regularly searched and watched by users, as well as those that engage users for longer, particularly 3 minutes or more. It also aims to reduce the systematic resharing of unoriginal and repurposed videos.⁣

3. New advertising and engagement tools

Good news for small businesses as Facebook has been focusing on updates specifically for you! These include Automated Ads, which can run across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and are created through a series of questions that advertisers answer about their business and ad goals. Facebook then suggests creative details, targets and budgets, before optimising the campaign once it’s live to provide you with the best performance.⁣⁣

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