Instagram arrives in Facebook Creator Studio

June 11, 2019

It’s been a long time coming, but Instagram has finally landed in the Creator Studio!

If you’re not familiar with Facebook Creator Studio, it’s essentially a tool that’s been developed to assist marketers who are managing more than one Page at any given moment. This allows you to manage your inboxes, scheduled posts, comments and more all from one place – no more constantly switching between Pages!⁣⁣

So how does Instagram fit into the Creator Studio?⁣⁣

Well, anyone who’s used Instagram on desktop for longer than five seconds knows it’s not the greatest. While we love Instagram on mobile, we certainly don’t love its desktop sibling – until now! You can now manage your content, explore your insights and hop between multiple accounts all from one place. Sweet!⁣⁣

Who’s already integrated their Instagram account with their Creator Studio?

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