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Sick of going to breakfast networking events?

Chances are you started your business because you either love what you do, or you felt that you could make a difference to your prospective clients. The challenge is finding the leads for you to turn into customers, unless your background is in sales, it’s common for prospecting to slide to the bottom of the to do list.

You’ve been to the networking breakfasts, and sure enough everyone is selling something and very few are buying. You’ve tried cold calling, but let’s face it, not even salespeople enjoy that. You’ve tried some traditional media channels like radio ads, magazines and billboards… You even bought some leads off ‘Bark’ (more on buying leads here!) but so far, nothing provides that steady flow of good quality leads that you can rely on - which you need to enable you to reach the growth you planned for/dreamed of.

You may have heard that Facebook ads are the answer, you may know of businesses that seem to be growing fast because of them. If you’ve had a go at building ads yourself, you have probably had some success, but you may be feeling like you don’t have the time to learn how to do them properly, or spend time managing them yourself. Either way, you haven’t quite cracked the code yet.

So is Facebook really the answer? Well we would like to think so, Facebook ads are our speciality. But Facebook ads themselves aren’t necessarily all you need and don’t always provide the complete picture.

Facebook is a fantastic way to find your potential new customers, it’s streets ahead of other media channels in it’s ability to find the exact people you are looking for. That’s due to the money that Mr Zuckerberg has invested in the platform, it can be a little big brother-ish but as a Facebook marketer, it allows us to find your particular needle in the haystack easily.

Finding your customers is only half the battle though, what to put in front of them, and how to get more than just likes or shares on your ad is the next challenge. Bringing customers on a journey from having a passing interest, to parting with their contact details, and ultimately spending their money with you – is commonly known as a marketing funnel or sales funnel. If you ever clicked on a Facebook marketing agency ad like ours, you’ll no doubt have had your timeline flooded with people offering to build funnels for you.

A fully functioning funnel is like going to the world’s best networking event, where everyone is interested in your product or service and they’ve all been qualified so you know they are a good fit to spend their money with you, and with the added bonus that they all reading articles or watching videos about your business, so when it’s their turn to talk to you (they’re forming a queue!) they are already half sold on the idea.

Not all elements of a funnel can be built in Facebook, you’ll need some complimentary software which helps to sort the good prospects from the bad, sends emails and text messages to the good ones, educating them about your business and keeping them warmed up. You’ll possibly also need some calendar software that allows them to book appointments to speak with you or your sales team at a convenient time for all involved.

The real joy in generating incoming leads for your business using a combination of Facebook ads and a funnel is that the whole process can be automated meaning you don’t have to lift a finger, and having such a predictable and reliable source of leads is game changing for a business.

Of course the difficult bit is knowing how to set it all up, and how to fix it if something isn’t working – but luckily that’s where we come in, it’s what we do all day long – so get in touch …

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