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MD Matt’s top tips for a bumper start to 2021

November 2020

People often ask me for ‘the secret to success’ for Lead Generation. Whilst it is flattering, I’d like to think there’s a few more years in the old dog yet - and success is very much a moving (bigger!) target.

What is true is there is a clear, and very simple ‘list’ of what every business needs to generate customers from inbound leads.

- Great product or Service

- Customer Service

- Ability to Convert Sales

- Traffic

Great product or Service – DOH! Yeah fair enough, no brainer. However, it’s amazing how many business people don’t really define their offering to make it absolutely clear how great their business is. We’re all guilty of it (us included – hence moving target on the success front) but in simplest form the key to digital ad success is appealing to the most specific version/s of your customer demographic you possibly can. You can only do that once you know exactly what your product will do for them and what pain point you solve for them.

Customer Service – Not of the ‘speak to Sandra in Complaints to get your money back variety’. Understanding what people want/ need from you and being clear about delivering it. One of the notes alongside our Privacy Policy reads ‘This is not a get rich quick programme’…. We make great ads for great products – but that’s not a license to print money. So, in order to serve our clients well we don’t say that it is. I believe that if you have a great product that you provide that with integrity that’s the best possible customer service. Mistakes happen and things don’t always go exactly to plan - that’s life - but the backbone is integrity.

Ability to Convert Sales into Customers Converting Leads to Sales is just as easy/ painful as your sales person is good. Or in other words getting a “yes” is the start of the conversion.

Converting Sales to Customers requires a/ a solid process to support them and b/ not falling into the trap of now seeing them as ‘accounted for’ as soon as the sale is chalked up. Once that sale hits the board - that is the very period that customer will be most committed to you give them that energy back for a customer for life.

Traffic At the foundation of it all is driving potential customers to you. In the old days when we were churning out radio ads exclaiming ‘FREE PARKING!’ it was all about seeing the whites of their eyes – now we want their demographic data and buying habits. Point is we need a flow of leads.... physical, phone based, automated nurturing sequences, or web traffic, whatever, we need them to be warm to the brand, the values and the opportunity (see point 1 on pain point).

So how to turn this into action?:

Stop spending money on leads that convert 2 customers out of 10 phone calls This is a conversation we have over and over again. Paying for leads that you share with other companies will never, ever give you a consistently high hit rate.

Generate leads in your own name How much do you love receiving an unsolicited sales call from a company you don’t recognise? Yep, me too. The customer may have given over their details, but not to you, and certainly not if you’re the fifth person to call them today. Leads made in your own name convert more frequently.

Work with Better Quality Once you’re generating leads in your own name you can fill your pipeline with only the ‘type’ of customer you want. Whatever your niche or specialism people who want or need specifically that are worth more to you. But you shouldn’t pay more for them!

Start now There’s always a reason not to. Make sure you are at peak lead flow in January, catching the “I’ll get it sorted in January” crowd. 2020 has been a YEAR, and everywhere you look people are gearing up for a New Year New Start more than ever before. You need to be in their awareness periphery now in order to benefit from the rush.

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